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Renting a Car in Foreign Country

There are lot of reasons that people travel to foreign countries. It could be a business trip or a vacation with family or friends; it makes it easy to travel a new place if you hire a car on rent. If you are travelling through public transport it might not be that fun for you as you can explore more; like to sightsee and any other various attraction sights while renting a car, and this sound really more adventurous rather than preferring public transportation; there are lot of place, where you won’t be able to go if you prefer public transportation, but if you are renting car, than you have your own personal space, you will be able to explore that new place in your own way, and this will be a real fun rather than using any public transportation and to rely on them. But, it may not be one and the same that you rent car at home or you rent car in any other foreign country. So, you must be aware of that what you must know before renting car so, here are few guidelines which will make it easier for you.


The first and foremost requirement you must be aware of before renting a car is that you are eligible to drive the car or not. And it’s upon your age. You must be an 18 year old; you should possess a legal driving license and to sign a contract, though in some of the places the minimum age for renting a car is usually more than 18 and it varies from 21 to 25 years of age. And the reasons behind the restrictions on age are that younger drivers are more involved when it comes to an automobile accident, which makes a big loss to rental agencies. But, in some of the places rental agencies do give car on rent if you are 18 year old, but they might require purchasing additional insurance or paying a higher rate for rental. This is something that you must be aware of before you make any of the plans. If you make any of the mistakes, it will become problematic later. It’s good to first contact a most famous rental company which is near by you, because most of the rental agencies provide their services in another country also, which will be more helpful and beneficial to you. And they will help you out in lot of ways in making arrangements rather than you get in trouble while travelling.


Another primary thing is your valid identification proof. Your valid state driver’s license will only be accepted in another country only if you have an additional photo ID proof and the best option for this is your passport, so you must keep it handy while you are driving rental cars in any of the other country. Because, you are out of your country so, it will create lot of problems if you fail to show them legal photo identification at a time. Few of the countries may not permit you to drive unless you don’t have an International Driver’s Permit & you can get it from AAA (American Automobile Association) officers. You should check up with the AAA travel office which is near by you, before travelling to any other country.


It’s advisable to you that you must be having an international driving license. An international driver’s license is just a document which proves that you hold a valid driving license in your home country and it’s just a simple document which is translated into many other languages that you hold a valid driving license. In some of the countries, rental agencies also check driving record of their first time customers with the Department of Motor Vehicles. It’s a process to confirm that whether your license is valid or not and to look at any of traffic violations if you have committed recently. Agencies have the right to refuse rental to a customer who have a history of bad driving, like being cited numerous times for speeding or failing to stop at a red light, or driving after drinking alcohol.


Lot of rental agencies ask you to give them a credit card number at the time of renting a car. They will then place a hold on the card for a certain amount. To ensure that the rental cost will be paid and as an initial deposit, if any damage done to the car, or if vehicle receive any parking tickets; while some of the agencies will ask for a deposit in cash, and it depends on the agency from where you are renting and the type of vehicle you are renting.

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